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Can we keep her?

"Can we keep her?" was all I heard all weekend.   "Mamma, can we please keep her?" was the question my youngest, Josie, would repeat.  Not only did she ask me during the day but she  woke  me in the middle of the night to ask same question. "Mamma, can we please keep her?"   I would give her the only answer I had at the time and that was...."this is just for the weekend." The same answer I had given her every time she asked.    In that 10 year olds mind that was not a good enough answer. It was not the answer she wanted to hear.  But it was truly the only answer that I could give.  Because it was only for the weekend.

Let me back up and give you a little insight to the Whelchel family.    Husband Dave and I had adopted 4 siblings through the foster care system. Add in our two biological children and we had a total of 6 children.  Josie was the youngest of the adopted children, the baby of the family.

You see Josie was very excited to find out sh…

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