Fragile Eggs.

Fragile Eggs!

A local farmer in Banner Country knew that I was looking for bottle piggies for our summer camp we hold here at the ranch for Children who require Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy, who also have Sensory Integration Dysfunction.  

Well I got a message Friday morning from our Friendly Farmer saying he had three little pigs that were not going to make it without some TLC, he  wondered if I wanted them.   Did I want them?  HECK YAH.  So a few hours later off I go to pick up the piggies

I got to the farm and they were waiting for me in their little box  which read "fragile eggs"  I had to giggle at the three "fragile eggs"  that were in the box, " fragile" was a very appropriate term.  Of the three eggs in the box one was a very strong and healthy, that would be Porky.    The other two eggs where not so strong but William was the weakest egg. (The farmer had weaned the pigs and these three little pigs just did not transition well to dry feed.)  On the trip home I notice that William was really struggling to breath and kept just going limp.   While I was driving I put him inside the front of my hoodie patting him all the way home trying to keep him going.   (I would not recommend driving with a piggie in the front of your hoodie unless you are experienced in this type of craziness)

We made it home all in one piece and Little William was still with us.   Well to give poor little William a jump start I gave him 3 cc of corn syrup, you would have thought I had hit him with a Heart Defibulator.   He was now super charged and ready to go, now the task was to get milk down all of the piggies.   

Well if you read my earlier blog about making soap and our surplus of goat milk.  Well now with three little piggies who are going to wipe out our surplus,  I may have to beg some of my goat milking friends for some of their surplus milk.  One such friend is Sarah Pinet of Victory Hill Farm here is her websiteVictory Hill Farm  If you love Goat milk Cheese this is a must.  

Well back to the Piggie story.   We got all of them to drink some of that surplus goat milk,  not a easy chore at all.  See these little piggies were use to getting their milk from the momma pig (sow), not from a rubber nippled  baby bottle (gerber).   So far William and Porky have figured out how to nurse on a bottle but Wilbur being the middle egg requires a bit more attention. 

Even Cooper is required to help with the piggies. 

Piggy Jail
Once we got the three little pigs fed we placed them in a little dog kennel in front of the fireplace to keep them warm.  They looked something like this.

Well except for little William he still was the weakest and most needy, (typical of the baby of the family).  He wanted a little more attention and I was ever so glad to oblige.

Once everyone was fed and tucked in for the night,  I told those three" fragile eggs"  good night and see you in the morning.   But wait,   what is that sound at 2:30 am. that is waking me from my slumber?   Three little piggies that decided they could not wait until morning for their next bottle.   So, down the stairs in my jammies I go to heat up three bottles to feed three very hungry piggies.   Have you ever tried to feed three hungry piggies three bottles by yourself?   Not a easy thing to do especially at 2:30 am.   Now, I remember what it was like having infants in the house. 
New meaning to pork in the kitchen
Well of course the story does not end here,  we will continue to care for our three "fragile eggs"  and once they are bigger and stronger they will have to go out into the barn like real pigs.   Just don't tell them, they like life in warm house, with all the TLC.    Come May when we have our first Camp out here on the ranch it will be so much fun to see all the children  interact with our Three  Fragile Eggs, who will not be so fragile by then.  

Here's to Happy Pigging. 

PS. By the way when I went to pickup the piggies I took that nice friendly farmer 2 dozen eggs as a thank you for the piggies.    Isn't it ironic that the box he sent them home in said, "fragile Eggs".  I really like the trade we made between our "fragile eggs"  Don't you? 

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  1. Great post Laura! Your readers might like to know that if they would like to see a full screen view of your piggy pictures, they only need to click on the picture. But they must hit their browser's back button to return to the post. Can you bring the piggies to market so we can all see them?

  2. Hi, I live in Papillion Ne, and I came across your blog while looking for soap recipes...(I would like to learn) What a wonderful story this was...I refuse to eat pork anymore because I love piggy's so much! Anyway, keep up the great blog, thanks, Fran Hynek (future soaper, I hope!)


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