Just Kidding Update

Another ordinary day in the life of Sage, the goat. 

Sage is one of those animals that does not require a lot of attention.   She is a pretty low key, a do herself kind of gal.    She is a pleasure to milk because she just kind of goes with the flow.

Sage with her daughter Senna
I knew that today was going to be  delivery day for Sage.  She did not eat her grain this morning and did not want to come into the barn.   I felt her tendons and they had dropped, so I knew she was ready to deliver.   With in 2 hours she was deep in labor and was pushing, within 10 minutes her twins were born.   Just as she  lives her life so went her delivery, low key, and without drama.  The only thing unusual about Sage is the fact that she has one horn.  (A mistake on my part of de--horning)

This is the third year Sage has kidded  and each time before has been just as uneventful.   She choose to have them outside in the sunshine,  pretty smart considering it was about 65 degrees out.    She must have been waiting for just the perfect day to have her babies, as I had her due date figured for the 30th of April.    She was 10 days later than I had projected, go figure.  

Our Goat count is now 6 Doelings
                                          4 buckling
                                          12 Does
                                            2 Bucks

We have one more 2 year old and 5 yearlings to kid in June.   I am not really looking forward to the yearlings kidding as they usually are a bit more dramatic, with all their inexperience. 

We keep all the Doelings and add them to the herd,  once  they are a  year old ( yearling)  we decide which ones we are going to cull.   (Never an easy decision)   All the Bucklings will be castrated and sold in the fall once they are weaned. 

So goes another day in the life of the Nebraska Prairie Girl and her Dairy Goats.


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