Nebraska Prairie Girls Does Zumba

Well, many of you might already know the latest fitness craze is Zumba.    My sister posts every time she goes to Zumba on her facebook page.   I think she must really like Zumba or she is just proud of herself for going.   I talked to her about it when she came to visit and it sound like a  lot of fun, and she looks great, so it must work.   

So, for those of you who are not familiar with Zumba, here is a brief definition:  A fitness program inspired by Latin dance. Spanish slang for "to move fast and have fun"

Ditch the workout, join the party.  Seems to be the slogan that you see most associated with Zumba.

So what is the Nebraska Prairie Girl to do about Zumba?   Well,  they do offer Zumba classes in the nearest town to me,  which would be a forty five minute drive.   I figured after sitting on my butt driving 45 minutes one way to work out for half an hour and then drive back home another 45 minutes would actually increase the size of my butt considerably.   I wonder what all the Zumba participants would think of my prairie girl dress and apron if I did show up to join them?  That is question better left unanswered.

So, I thought to myself, what is my day like? What is my Zumba Fitness program? What is my work out?

Well, I made a list of my most common days here on the prairie and this is my daily work out.
6:30 am. drag myself out of bed
7:00 am. cup of tea, check e-mail, facebook, make bed, start making bread for lunch.
8:00 am. feed grain to all the goats and milk 8 goats, bottle feed Tansy (baby goat)
8:45 am.- 9:00am  haul 40 gallons of  water to all the goats by hand in five gallon buckets. Haul one bale of hay to bucks and weanlings. 
9:00 am.  Carry 2.5 gallons milk to house,  about 24 pounds.  Filter milk and pour into bottles.
9:15 am. make the children breakfast, clean up dishes, sweep floor. 
9:30 am. sort laundry begin washing, ( laundry consists of going up and down three flights of stairs from dirty clothes hamper to washer to  clothes line. 
10:00 am. working in the garden pulling weeds and watering
11:00 am.  clean two goat stalls and put manure and shavings around garden edge to detour weeds. Hang out laundry

12:00 pm.   Make the children lunch, hang out laundry, clean up kitchen, go to barn and bottle feed Tansy
1:00 pm. pull more weeds in the garden and change garden water, hang out laundry again
3:00 pm.  make the kids snack and clean up, fold laundry again
3:30 pm. clean bathroom, hang out laundry again
4:00 pm.  fold laundry again, go to barn bottle feed Tansy
5:00 pm.  make dinner, sweep kitchen again.
6:30 pm. back out in the barn again, separate goats, feed goats grain, haul water again. 
7:00 pm.  Haul chicken food to the hen house, gather eggs, fill  water. 
8:00 pm.  Feed the Pigs, give them water  and an egg from the hen house, (they love fresh eggs) Go to barn bottle feed Tansy
8:30 pm.  wash eggs and place in the carton, finish up laundry
9:00 pm. get kids ready for bed
9:15 pm. take a bath, finally
10:00 pm. go to bed!!!!!!!!!!

6:30 am. start all over again

I do not know about you, but I think my work out is quite rigorous.   However, there is no latin dancing involved.  I have tried to dance while carrying 10 gallons of water but it just did not work.  I ended  up wet from the waste down.    When milking the goats they did not appreciate my trial of dance moves while they were standing in the stanchion.   I did find that it is possible to do dance moves while pulling weeds and hanging out laundry.  However, it did slow down the weeding process and made hanging laundry a bit more difficult.  The chickens thought that I might have become one of them when I tried dancing in the hen house.  I think with my arms flapping they were thinking I might  possibly lay an egg.  The pigs however were very entertained by my dancing and thought it was something to squeal about.  No wait, they were excited to get their fresh egg from me.     I am able to dance in the kitchen with out much trouble but my children think that I have lost my mind.   So much for my Nebraska Prairie Girl Zumba workout.   I guess I will just have to go with just the Prairie girl work out. 

Nebraska Prairie Girl


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