Life's Vignette

I am a collector of great things!(Antiques)   One of my favorite hobbies is hunting thrift stores for hidden treasures.   Now the challenge for me is what to do with the treasures once I bring them home.   One, so Tractor Dave (my husband) doesn't ask, "What junk did you buy now?"  Two, to incorporate the item in my house with out making it look like a junk store.  

So my solution with many of the items is  using them in a vignette.

The table above is part of a larger vignette.  This vignette actually tells a story about my father.   He was born and raised in Bristal, England until the age of nine, then they sailed to America. (So that makes me, Nebraska Prairie Girl, the first generation in our family to be born and raised in America!)  On the table I have his passport, an vintage globe to represent his journey,  some Air Force patches, (he was in the Air Force when I was little), a pipe, a military sewing kit and a little book titled Strength For The  Battle.

The remainder of the vignette has a large picture that was my father's. It is of a ship called the SS Great Britain. Information on the SS Great Britain.  It was brought from England with them when they moved to America.   Around the large picture are three smaller pictures of ships that I found at a thrift shop.  The rocking chair is one of my oldest sons  garage sale finds for twenty-five dollars.   

Look who is sitting in my rocking chair.  Mark Twain.  Go figure.
Here is another vignette that has  my collection of vintage hats, and ladies apparel.   I have them displayed in the corner of one of my rooms, in an old steamer trunk.
 On the shelf over the trunk I have item that I have collected over the years.  The items are things that I thought might help add to the scene.    I have  vintage post card from all over the world,  knick knacks from different countries, a vintage pen, and old medicine bottle. 
On a table by the steamer  trunk I have a pair of spectacles, handbag, silver brush and mirror, old perfume bottle, gloves and old books. 

Pictured to the left is an antique tatted jacket and hat, that are displayed on the wall over the table.  ( jacket donated by a dear friend of mine)
To the lower right is a very old jacket with whale bone stays, (another donation from my friend) with three vintage hats hanging around it.  

What story does this vignette tell?  Maybe one of world travel.  Possibly someone who has unpacked their steamer trunk and is staying for a short visit. 

This last vignette is one of my favorites.   This primitive cradle made out of shipping crates was used for our youngest daughter to sleep in when we got her.  She is now nine months old and has out grown the cradle, so  I decided to use it as her toy box.   This vignette tells the story of a family who has been blessed!

Here's to life's vignettes!

Nebraska Prairie Girl


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