Nebraska Prairie Girls Hunts for Coyotes

Well, not really!   Actually, I have a love-hate relationship with coyotes.   I love that we have wild dogs around us and I respect their right to live among us.  After all, coyotes were here on the Nebraska Prairie way before we were.   Now for the hate.   I hate that they kill my chickens and are a threat to other livestock.  I hate that they are opportunists and would rather kill a cooped chicken then go out and hunt wild game for their meals.   I do what I can to live in harmony with coyotes.  However, sometimes no matter what measures have been taken to deter them from killing your livestock, they still succeed. 

On this day I was looking outside, for no particular reason.   Living here on the prairie, it is customary to look out the window often to survey the farm yard and all its critters.    This time I notice one of the cats running towards the house, not unusual by any means.   However, the cat seemed to be under duress.   I looked in the direction that the cat was coming from to see what was going on.    Good thing I took that second gander because I saw a coyote heading towards the chicken house in broad day light.  I went busting out the door, (I should probably paint a better picture of this)  I went busting out the door in my farm girl dress and flip flops in 20 degree temperatures.  As soon as I got outside I was yelling at that coyote to "GET OUT OF HERE!"   I chased after that coyote yelling and flapping my arms.   At first that there coyote commenced to run,  then he commenced to run and then sit and watch me.   So the game began.  We ran, then he sat and waited and when I got just close enough he ran, then sat and waited for me to catch up.  I was well into the horse pasture chasing my wild beast when I stopped.   Once stopped, I  then took a look at myself and said, "What the heck am I doing out here in the middle of winter in flip flops and a sundress?  I AM FREEZING!"   I bid farewell to my four legged  foe and headed back to the house.   As I was walking back, I was  wishing I had  stopped long enough to dress appropriately to chase coyotes in the middle of winter.  Would I have wasted precious time dressing correctly for this job of protecting my flock.?   NO!   I giggled and thought to myself,  one must know to never mess with my children or my chickens or the mamma bear in me comes out, even in a sundress and flip flops in the middle of winter. 

Now, I have not seen that coyote again.    Not that he is not around, I am sure.  Maybe just the sight of me in a sundress, flip flops,  running , yelling and flapping my arms was enough to deter that there coyote from my hen house.  

Nebraska Prairie Girl


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