Breast Reduction on the Nebraska Prairie

Ha, you thought this was going to be something really racy and juicy.    Actually,  it is about my most recent home remodeling project.   Part of that project was giving my 100 year old home a breast reduction.    Let me explain!    My house when we bought it came with 3 flush mount dome lights,  which my dad coined boob lights.   He was always jealous because my boob lights where bigger then the boob lights he had in his house.     

I recently sent  a text to my oldest son telling him that we were getting rid of the boob lights and installing ceiling fans.   His response text was, "you are giving the house a breast reduction."  To which I laugh and laughed.   My response was,  " Well yes, yes we are."   

Now, I really have nothing against those particular lights.  They just didn't provide the lighting we needed.   Plus, the fact was that every time I cleaned them I thought of the name coined by my father.   Do you know how hard it is to wipe down these lights while standing on a step ladder laughing?   So now, my house has had its breast reduction and has had three lovely ceiling fan lights installed that do not have dome lights. 

I had my boob lights all packed in a box ready to donate them the Good Will.   I called my father and told him we had taken them down.   He said,  "Don't throw them away,"  to which I responded, "Oh, no I was going to donate them to Good Will, unless you want them."     Do you know what his response was?   You guessed it, he wants them!  

Nebraska Prairie Girl


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