Our Barn.......

I love old barns!

When you look at a beautiful, weathered barn,  do you wonder about  the stories, the things and events that it witnessed,  the storms it endured?  If barns could talk......

Ours might tell you about the time a baby colt was born in one of its stalls on a nice spring evening.    Her mamma laid down in the  stall all bedded and ready for the her delivery.  She took her first breath in the safety and protection of the sturdy old barn.  

Or about the time it became a familiar home to a blind calf.   The calf learned the exact dimensions of his area of the barn.  He could run and play in the safety and confinement that the barn offered to such a special calf.

Our barn could tell you about the day it stood watch over our old Pinto pony, Cherokee,  when he took his last breath.   Cherokee lived a very long, adventurous life  and was a long time friend to the  barn.  It was nice to know that when his life had ended he was at peace in the barn that he called home. (Cherokee was buried next to the barn that he loved so much)

Our barn housed many orphaned calves that learned to nurse on bottles, then drink milk from buckets.  When they were mature enough they were weaned from their milk and graduated to grain and grass.  Once,they were put out to pasture they not longer needed the  constant guardianship of the barn.  However,  they still recognized it as a safe comfortable place when they needed protection from the elements. 

It could tell you about all the  many baby goats born every year in the early spring.  And how the barn was a safe, warm place for the babies to grown and play.

Or William the baby pig that loved his stall in the barn.  Every time we went into the barn he would stand on his hind legs with his front legs propped up on the door so he could see out.  It was the perfect environment for such a special piggy.  

How it offered protection to its  wards  in rain, snow, hail, wind, tornadoes and  blizzards.  And through it all  how it stood proud and determined to withstand the storms.

Our barn could  even  tell you about the times we have found ourselves thankful for the sturdy old structure when we were caught out in a storm and had to run to it for shelter.

One of my favorite stories it could tell is how it was the hub of a camp for special needs children and their families.   The fun that everyone had playing games, dancing, playing with the barn yard animals and doing crafts.  The barn offered a nice cool area doing the summer's heat for all of our special campers. 

As time passes, a barn is no longer any use because the years of abandonment have left it battered and worn.  Or worse in a pile that resembles match sticks dumped out on the ground waiting to ignite.   The barn is still serving its purpose of providing shelters.  It may not have the grandeur that it once did, but..... I know that for a fact no mater the degree of detiriation bees, mice, racoons, birds, skunks, cats, fox and coyotes still call it home.   Until the last sliver of wood has composted into the ground that old barn is still a home. 
Nebraska Prairie Girl


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