To the Woman sitting behind us....

To the Woman sitting behind us.....

Don't think I can not feel your stares or hear your whispers behind me.  I know that my child is struggling to sit still and you can hear her whispers when she is suppose to be quiet.  I know that you see a child who needs to be reprimanded.   I know what you were getting at when you said,  " Boy, she was really busy today."   I know, I know, I know.

But here is what you do not know.   When I look at my child this is what I see.   I see a beautiful little girl who has overcome many things.   I see a little girl who was born with Cerebral Palsy.  (No, you can not tell by looking at her.)  When you see the little girl who is talking out of turn or when she should be silent,  I see the little girl who was in speech therapy for months because she could not talk.  When you see her moving around when she should be sitting still, I see the little girl who went to Physical Therapy for years and is still in therapy to this day.   I see that  same little girl unable to crawl without help.  I see a little girl who was placed in foster care when she was born.  A child that at 1 1/.2 months old became my daughter.   I know when you look at her you see a little girl who should be capable of sitting still,  a child who should be able to stay quiet.   Because,  by looking at her, you cannot see the damage that dwells within.    You see, it does make me feel bad knowing that you're bothered by her activity.   But then I look at her beautiful face and I am reminded how far she has come. 
My daughter Kayleigh

The events written above are factual and are written to remind us that....... Everyone has a story.  Let me say it again...EVERYONE HAS A STORY!   We do not always know their story and it is probably not any of our business.   How many of us have seen a mother with a screaming child in a department store?  What do we do? What do we think? Our first reaction might be "man that child is a brat", or "he or she really needs to take that child outside".  I mean, how many of us moms can relate to a mom with a screaming child in a department store?   Maybe the child isn't feeling well, maybe the child is dealing with sensory overload, maybe they are spoiled.  Maybe, the mother is single and it is all she can do to keep it together,  maybe, maybe, maybe. I do know this, no matter the reason, not  one parent wants to deal with a screaming child in public.

We need remember human kindness.  Instead of being upset by someones actions or lack of actions,  we need to ask ourselves "what part am I playing in the situation?"  Am I standing there glaring at the parent of the screaming child, making a tense situation even more tense? Are you  sitting behind the overactive 
child forming your opinions? Are you making
an uncomfortable situation even more

Kindness does not have to mean you get involved.  At times it is best not to.  It can be as simple as a smile!

Nebraska Prairie Girl


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