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The Piano Bench

To say that 2020 has been a year like no other would, in my opinion; be an understatement.  This Thanksgiving was  little like the whole year has felt for me.... a little unplanned,  a lot disappointing, a little sad and, I guess you could say...... a little angry. Unplanned, because no one really knew what they were going to do.  Who would be coming? Who would be going?  Will we be together?  Is it best that we all stay apart in our family groups?   Disappointing because we all felt it would be best to not  gather.  Play it safe, stay home and stay healthy.   Sad because, well, to this mother, one of the greatest joys  in life is having all of my children gathered together.   Mad....  there has been plenty to get upset and angry over this year for all of us.  Of course there have been some good things, some wonderfully amazing things.   However, this year finds us searching a little deeper to find those blessings.  We have to work a little harder at keeping positive thoughts in the fo

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