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The Porcupines in Life

        2020 was  a year of many surprises, pain, suffering, fiery, unpleasant, excruciating and financially depressing for some.    Kind of like being quilled by a porcupine.   How did I come up with this comparison?  Meet Shyanne and River! I was away from home visiting family and I get a  message that read. "So.....apparently Shyanne and River found a porcupine" Followed by these photos.    So off to the vet they went to have the quills removed.  A couple hours later and over five hundred more quills.   By time I got home the next day, the dogs seemed no worse for wear!   My checking account not as much.   So I got to thinking that some unexpected things in life can be like being quilled by a porcupine.  Surprising, unwanted, painful, unpleasant, depressing and down right horrible! Sometimes there are many quills and sometimes just a few.    Thankfully, when you get those quills removed.....You are relieved, thankful and maybe a little bit sore. So when we enc

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