Jam for Abby

Sometimes you are called upon to do something a little out of the ordinary.   At times these things can take you aback and make you think.   They can be life changing.

I recently received a  call from a gentleman with a request.   He asked me if I would be willing to make 40 jars of peach jelly for Abby.  I responded that I did not think it would be a problem.   He then went on to explain that the peach jam I made and sold at the cafe was Abby's favorite.   He said that they had purchased some a while back to give as gifts to family.  Abby loved the jam so much that she kept a jar for herself.  He went on to say that,  "Abby spoke about the peach jam often and it was her new favorite."     As our conversation continued he told me,  "Abby recently passed away unexpectedly."  (talk about heart wrenching)  He told me that he wanted to give out peach jam at her memorial.  He said, "She really loved your peach jam and would want everyone to have some."   I told him I would be honored to make the jam for Abby's memorial.   I asked him if there was something special he wanted me to put on the label and he said, "Abby's new favorite." 

You just never know what life has in store for you.  You would never know that a simple jar of peach jam could make someone so happy.  I am so thankful 
that my peach jam brought happiness to someone.   

I can tell you the entire time I made that peach jam I thought of  Abby.  I did not know Abby.  I do not even know what she looked like, but we are connected.  I was part of her life and now she is part of mine.   I am certain that from now on, when I make peach jam, I will think of Abby.  

Nebraska Prairie Girl


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