Farm Girl Dresses and Aprons

Many of my friends may not know my number one best kept secret.  Farm Girl Dresses and Aprons.

A close friend of mine about 4 years ago gave me a big bag of sundresses and said," here you should wear these around the farm."   I explained that I really could not see myself working on the Nebraska Prairie in a dress.   Well, I did not want to hurt her feelings so I thought I would give one of  them there sundresses a try.  Well it was love at first wearing.  I could not believe how comfortable it was, I had more freedom of movement then I ever thought possible.   Needless to say since then I have never worn anything else on the farm.   I have de-horned goats, castrated goats and cattle, milked, driven tractors, swathed hay, done chores, gardened, and fixed fence all in my "Farm Girl Dresses".   One thing I have not done is ride a horse in my dress,  I still choose to wear my jeans for that farm activity.   Though if I thought I could learn to ride side saddle I would.

So now to add to this Farm Girl look I have decided to wear my collection of vintage aprons that were just handing in the kitchen on a hook.   Man if I though I could do a lot in a dress, adding an apron  to my outfit made it even more functional.   My apron has become a bucket to haul feed to the chickens.

Feed Bucket Apron
Then while I am in the hen house what better way to carry the eggs back, than in my apron.  It is the softest, safest way I have found to carry such a fragile farm commodity.  Once I met our mail carrier at our mail box and she said," what do you have the folds of your apron?"  I opened up my apron and said eggs,  she laughed and laughed, she thought it was great!

It is amazing what you can do with an apron, the possibilities are limitless.   Once I even lead one of our horse back home that had gotten out, with the use of  my apron.   I just took my apron off rapped it around the horses neck and we walked back home. Now that is functionality.

I have even used my apron to hold garden seeds that I was planting, it made the handiest little seed pouch.   When harvesting my garden produce I do not need to carry a bucket or a basket I just use my apron.  Picking gooseberries, chokecherries and plums from the prairie have never been easier now that I wear aprons. 

Now I know why my pioneer sisters before me dressed the way they did.  It was one of the most functional outfits going.  The only difference in my Farm Girl Dresses and Aprons is I do not have quite as many layers underneath my dress. I do not wear black stocking,  (I do is wear my black wool long johns when the weather is cold).   I don't wear a chemise, corset or petticoats, and I have not donned a sunbonnet upon my head.  But, like my pioneer sisters I do wear my Sunday best to go to the city.   I do my hair, were my city clothes, put on makeup, and even wear jewelry.  You would never know by looking at me in town that I dress in such a way at home.  The chance's of you seeing me dressed this way are slim to none, unless you happen to stop bye unannounced, like the UPS lady, Federal Express, mail carrier, and an unsuspecting neighbor. (I am not sure what they think and I am afraid to ask)

I do not know what you might be thinking right now about my fashion statement.   But I can tell you that not many people have had the privilege of seeing me dressed so fashionably.   I do know this that if Clinton and Stacey of TLC's What not to Wear ever saw me I would definitely end up on their show.   I am going for functionality and comfort not fashion, obviously.

So in closing I enjoy wearing my Farm Girl Dresses and aprons.  I look at my aprons and think how many meals has this vintage apron been part of,  how many tears have been wiped with the hem,  and how many hugs have been given.   So everyday, I wear my apron and I am proud to add my own memories  to those memories left by  those who wore the apron before.  


  1. oh, and love the picture of all the aprons! Would look fantastic framed and hanging in my kitchen... we might have to talk.

  2. Thanks Kathy, that is just a few of my aprons hanging on the line. I am honored that you would like one of my photo's. You are like the photo queen in my eyes.

  3. Great posting...I love them all... like Kathi would love your b & w pictcure....may I use it on my website?
    Thanks Grace


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