Opps she did it again!

Once again June, my Lamancha goat, had triplets and once again, she did it when I was not watching.  I have yet to be present for one of her deliveries.  I have owned her for 4 years and every year she delivers when nobody is looking.   Why, you might ask yourself, does she keep missing out on this event?  That is a question I ask myself every year.   I watch all my goats so carefully.   I check them every night before bed and if they look like they are close I check them in the middle of the night.  I check them in the morning and on and off during the day.   I think my next step with dear old June is to put a surveillance camera in her stall.  

June is my shrub goat and you will get my drift when you see  a photo of her.  She is the ugliest goat I have ever seen.  .   I had to keep a rope on her to catch her every time I milked.    The only reason I bought her was because she was the only goat I could find in milk at the time.   I needed milk to raise some bottle lambs, and it was cheaper to buy a milk goat than milk re-placer.    At the time none of my goats had freshened so I was desperate. 
See what I mean.   She is very poorly built.

So you might ask why does she keep this pathetic looking goat?  Well you see, as with every person, place, and thing, June has a story.  I mentioned she was a shrub goat which means she was pretty much kept out in the wild  in a big pasture with many other goats.   June did not have much contact with humans.  The gal I bought her from had bought June from that wild environment and  tried to use her in her miking line.   Well, June did not take kindly to that idea and was too much to handle.   So this is where I come inl I bought her for the reasons I mentioned above.  I decided if she had milk then I would figure out how to get it.   

To make a long story short June settled down, and I was eventually able to catch her with out a rope hanging from her neck.   Now June is one of the most social and affectionate goats that I own.  She is the first one to great me every and the easiest one to milk.   I have made a pact with June that she would live her life her with me.   I hate to put her through another stressful move and have her go wild again.   And because of this agreement I think June has decided to bless me with triplets for the last two years.   She may not be much to look at but her babies every year are outstanding. 

June and her new Triplets
Two Does and one Buck. What a blessing and look at that color.   The smallest of the triplets only weights 2 pounds!  I will have to keep a close eye on that one,   it will be so easy for her to be crushed on accident.    I have considered taking the smallest one to hand raise, but I think her best chances are with her mommy.

This Nebraska Prairie Girl is so proud of her shrub goat and the  absolutely beautiful triplets.

I thought I might add a photo of Cinder's triplets that were born on April 14th,  they are two weeks old today.


  1. Only 2 lbs?? Oh my, that is tiny! I love, love, love the picture of Cinder's triplets!

  2. I could not resist, they were lined up so perfect.


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