Employee of the Month

Lazy W Diamond Ranch Awards Employee of the Month!

My sister Amy was just awarded employee of the month for October.   So it got me to thinking,  here on the ranch we should have an employee of the month.   What a great way to increase moral and productivity.  My sister gets to move into a fancy office for the month.  She gets her own personal refrigerator, fancy desk and keyboard, massaging office chair, Bose sound system, sunshine, and
a paid day off.  Look at this office who wouldn't be excited to be the employee of the month.  

This got me to thinking what can I offer my employee of the month?..........................
Here is what I came up with.   Their own personal office, that includes,  a stainless steal desk on wheels,  concrete flooring,  antique wood walls,  two separate work areas, and designer rubber mat. 

   A vintage sound system.

Now, not to make light of the Bose sound system my sister was awarded in her office. How can you compare it to this Panasonic sound system complete with 8 track player and antenna.  I mean seriously can you even find these anymore?

Designer  lighting. 
Due to the lack of a windows in the office awarded. I  have installed a wonderful heat lamp converted into a hanging light. 
Unlimited Pool Access
Not to out do my sister's employer,  okay well maybe.   I am offering my employee unlimited access to the ranch swimming pool. 
And their own personal assistant!
  I did not hear her mention this little perk.
                                                               And a paid day off!
Now that I had implemented  "The Employee of the Month" program, I needed to go out and find our employee.    I was so excited, I told my family about the new employee incentive program.  They all smiled, scratched their heads and said,  "mom you are our only ranch employee, you do not get paid"   WELL THERE GOES THE PAID DAY OFF!


  1. A great idea. I will be implementing your suggestion of "Employee of the Month" as soon as I can find someone who will work sun up to sun down, and who will gladly plant, transplant, weed, water, harvest, milk twice a day, feed animals morning and night, sleep on the cold hard ground during lambing season, cook, clean, make cookies, and have a good home cooked meal on the table every evening.

  2. Ha, Ha. Let me know where you find such an employee, maybe they will have a friend who will work for me!


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