Cattle in the Swimming Pool

I thought I would share my swimming pool design with some of you who might want your own Red Neck Swim'n Pool. 

This design came about because of a herd of cattle who came over and crashed our pool party.   Actually,  what happened was a herd of cattle about 3 miles west of us ran out of water and apparently smelled the water in our children's swimming pool.   Well the pool we had at the time was one of those flexible pools that come in a box, had a bunch of animal designs on the sides.  It was only about eight feet across and two and a half feet deep.   

Any way back to the cattle.   It was about 10 pm. we were up watching TV and I said, "Dave do you hear cattle?"  He said," it must be on the TV." Hum, I thought well there sure weren't any cattle on the TV.  Well the sound of cattle bawling got louder and louder,  I said, " there is no way that is the TV. "  So I decided to wander outside and take a gander.    Well what to my wondering eyes should appear 60 head of cattle all fighting over the swimming pool, oh dear.  There were swimming noodles flying in the air, beach towels all over the ground,  there was even a cow with one of the swim noodles on her back..  I stood there in utter amazement as I watched  as they pushed each other in and out of the pool.   When I came to my senses I ran inside and told Dave there were cattle in the swimming pool.  He just looked at me dumbfounded.  I said, " I told you I heard cattle!"    A few minutes later the gentlemen who owned those thirsty cattle came by on a four wheeler and gathered them all up.   He apologized for the mess his cattle had made and for the ruined swimming pool.  I asked that farmer,"so how many head of cattle are here?" He said, "60"   I replied,  "I think we need a bigger pool"  He laughed an went on his way. That night Dave and I  went to bed still laughing about the cattle in the pool.   However,  we did have a lot of explaining to do when the children got up.   

Well the next morning shovels in hand we commenced to clean up from the cattle pool party.  Do you know how many cow pies 60 head leave behind?   As, I was cleaning I started thinking about replacing the swimming pool.    I thought well if those cows ever get thirsty again and come a wandering our way we should have a proper pool for them to drink out of.  So here it is a stock tank swimming pool.
As you can see we are just filling it up for the season.

So if you have a stray cattle problem in your neck of the woods this is all you need:
  • One poly stock tank whatever size suites you
  • A swimming pool pump and filter system (most big box stores have them)
See it really is a stock tank
Close up of filter system

I had handy man Dave drill a hole on the side of the tank the size of the hose connection.   We followed the instruction on installing the pump and walla, you now have a rugged swimming pool that stray cattle can drink from.  

Now, we have had this stock tank pool for going on four years now and wouldn't you know it, not one stray cow has come to drink out of it.   Oh, well we are prepared when one comes a callin'

Happy Swimming.


  1. Hahaha! This is hilarious, but at least you were alert to hear them running in your pool. It was a smart idea to call your handyman to let the cattle know where they should go.

    Cathy Newman

  2. At the time we were frantically trying to save the pool and all the pool toys. Then the cattle decided to run through the garden and all around the farm yard. It was not until the next morning that I realized what a funny sight it was.

  3. Hey, nice site you have here! Keep up the excellent work!
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  4. Very nice. You could've used the hole that came with the pool as your line going to the pump. Just need an adapter.

  5. I have this exact pool that my 3 dogs swim in. I need to install my pump like you did. I don't guess you know the size hole he had to drill to install it? Maybe I need to find me a handy man. Very cool how you did it.

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