Milk in My Soap?

What are the Benefits of Goat Milk in Soap?

Did you know that goat milk is the only milk that contains carpic-caprylic tryglycerides, which helps moisturize your skin and contributes to the softness of the soap?  And, did you know that goat milk contains over 50 nutrients, minerals, acids and enzymes that serve to nourish and revitalize dehydrated skin?

People have been using goat milk for centuries to improve skin and enhance beauty.  The ancient Egyptians considered a goat milk bath the ultimate in luxurious living and Cleopatra regularly bathed in pure milk.  Modern science has discovered that goat milk soap has a pH similar to that of human skin and regular use of goat milk soap will maintain a moisture balance that results in smoother, soft skin.
  • pH level-similar to human skin
  • Moisturizing-surpasses that of commercial soap because of the natural cream in goat's milk
  • Sensitive Skin-benefits because it doesn't contain additives like alcohol, petroleum, and preservatives
  • Acne-the proteins in goats milk kills acne-causing bacterial.
  • Exfoliation-Goat milk slough off dead skin because of the alpha-hydroxy acids found int he milk.
  • Eczema-benefits from goat milk soap since the milk  moisturizes skin and reduces the itchiness in the skin. 
What started out as a way to use an  over abundance of our milk, has now become the only personal care products my family uses.   Why?  One- because of all the benefits listed above and two-it contains nothing artificial.  The ingredients used in our soaps are, goat milk, water, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, all natural color and essential oils. 

After we made the first batch of soap and used it in our household, we could not believe how it made our skin feel.   After that there was no turning back.  With the use of the Goat milk soap we have found that we rarely have to use any sort of moisturizer.  

My husband and I took a trip to New York last summer and I did not pack any of our handmade soap.  (Yes, the Nebraska Prairie Girl went to NYC, that is another blog in itself)  Wanting to pack lightly I figured the hotel will have soap we will just use that.   Never again, will I make that mistake.  We came home with such dry itchy skin,  that was only after four days of using commercial soap.  It was amazing how quickly soap containing alcohol, artificial color and fragrance could strip your skin of its moisture. 

Take a look at your soap labels what is on it?  What are you putting on your skin?  Do you have eczema, acne, dry skin, sensitive skin?    You might want to give all Natural Goat milk Soap a try, your skin might thank you.   

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