A miracle on the Prairie

This is the continuation to the story "The downside of Prairie Life"  If you have not read that blog post yet, you may want to do that before reading the conclusion of that story.
Tansy and the twins

I do not know if you believe in miracles, but maybe after reading this you will.

Last night, I went out into the barn to lock goats up for the night.   When I went out to feed grain there were two baby goats that looked familiar.   I looked at them and said, "Who are you two?"  Then as fast and that came out of my mouth I realized they were the lost twins.    I was in complete shock that they were there.   I picked each one up and gave them a kiss and set them down with their mom.   They were very hungry and a bit thin, and oh so glad to eat.   Immediately I started looking for Tansy, who was not with the twins. I called and called for her but I heard no familiar  cries.   I ran to the barn to grab the golf cart and headed for the field.  My husband said, "Where are you going?"  I replied,  "I'm going to find Tansy!"   The look on his face told me that he felt like it was a waste of time.   Three of my children started running through the field calling for Tansy and looking as I was driving.   Over the sound of the diesel engine of the golf cart I thought I  heard some cries.  Not sure if it was a goat or the sound of a bird ,  I turned off the engine.    My daughter Arielle said,  "Mom, I hear a goat!"   I started calling Tansy and  the most amazing thing happened, she came running across the hay field.     It was like watching a movie, but I was in it.  As soon as she heard me she came running and crying toward me.    My son Thomas ran out to meet her as she was running out of steam and her little legs were getting tired.    Thomas brought her to the fence and handed her to me.   I tell you what, I cried like a baby,  and she  tried to suck my chin and nose off my face.   Of course, when I got back to the barn Dave was very shocked that I'd found her.   And of course he had to ask, "Why are you crying?"  Men!  I could not feed Tansy her bottle fast enough once we got back to the house.   Other than the fact that she was very thin from not eating for an entire day, she looked great. 

What happened to the baby goats?  Where were they for 28 hours?   How could they have gotten  1/4 mile from home?   How did they stay alive?    These are questions that I will never know the answers to.    The field Tansy came running through was the field my husband had just that day cut hay on.   Dave never saw hide nor hair of them the entire time he was in that field.  Had they been there while he was cutting hay,  he would have run across them.    Did someone borrow them, then decide that they were a little loud and a little hard to take care of and put them in the field away from the house?    I do know  there is no way that baby goats that are only 7 days old could have or would have wandered off that far away from their mom.     If coyotes had chased them they would have been easy prey, and at least one of them would have been a victim.

I do know this, I did pray for them the night they went missing and I told God I hoped that if they died it was quick and they never knew what happened and if they were still alive that he would take care of them.    Well,  I do believe that God answers prayers!   There is no way those goats could have made it 28 hours in a field on their own and then made it back home.

So, happily, I reset the alarms on my cell phone to remind me to feed Tansy her bottle every four hours.  You see, the day before I had cancelled all my phone alarms so as not to remind me of my missing  goats.  This Nebraska Prairie Girls is still shaking her head in disbelief over the events of the last two days,  but ever so blessed and thankful for the ways things turned out.
Safely Home

Nebraska Prairie Girl


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