Good Bye Christine

She came home after school with my oldest children Chance and Jenna one day after a bike ride 15 years ago.      Though she had a home she was just not happy living there.     So she moved in and became part of the family.

She was a very quiet individual who did not require nor want much attention.   She was happy just to be part of a family.    Her favorite time of the day was doing chores and spending time outside.   She loved spending much of the summer swimming in the irrigation ditch.

Christine had epilepsy and had seizures a couple times a month.   The doctors said that eventually the seizures would probably shorten her life.   Well as she aged the seizures became less and less, and never really caused her much problem.

 But with all things that age she began to have some problems with her health arthritis set in, she lost her hearing and sight,  and was haunted by dementia on and off.   It was hard to watch her go down hill more and more until her body and mind could no longer keep up with her heart.   With many things it is the heart that goes first,  for Christine this just was not the case.   Her heart was big enough and strong enough to go on forever,  her body just could not keep pace.

So with a saddened heart we had to say good bye to Christine.   Forever thankful that she left our lives as peacefully as she came.

In loving memory
Nebraska Prairie Girl


  1. Sorry to hear it. It's always a rotten thing to lose a dog you love, and you kind of know that they don't want to go either. Hope the missing her doesn't sting for too long.

  2. The hardest part of pet ownership is being left with the final decision. We put it off because we do not want to deal with the pain of loosing them. There comes a time when we just have to take on the pain ourselves and release them of theirs.


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