Nebraska Prairie Girls Stay at the Hospital

A couple weeks ago my youngest daughter Kayleigh was hospitalized for eight days.   Not one to leave her 7 month old in the hospital for one minute alone, I, the Nebraska Prairie Girl, became a resident of the Pediatric wing of the hospital.  Now, I have never stayed in a hospital for more than two days and that was after the delivery of my children.

When we were getting ready to take her to the doctors I had a feeling that they might end up admitting her to the hospital.   I had gathered extra clothes and baby items for her just in case.   I thought to myself, "you should really pack some things for yourself," but then I thought, "Nah, that is just silly.  Well hind sight is 20/20..................

The first couple days of Kayleigh's  hospital stay was stressful with surgery and mega IV antibiotics.  There were nurses in and out and doctor's visiting us several times a day.    I did not have much time to think about much except for her getting better.

Our oldest daughter, Jenna, came home from college as soon as we told her  that her baby sister was in the hospital.   She came to help out where needed and decided to stay at the hospital and help.    I was very thankful that she was there for support along with my husband Dave.  It  was nice to have her run some errands for me.   So this is where I began to  find humor in our little hospital stay.

I sent Jenna the first night to pick me up something to sleep in (remember the hind sight thing).  I told her just to go buy me something to sleep in cheap and appropriate to wear in the hospital.   Well, bless her heart she came back with black work out pants with white stripes down the side and a shirt to match.  Wondering what's wrong with that?   Really, nothing if you are in your twenties, fit, like to wear work out pants and have much longer legs. (I could have used the extra length to make another set of pants.)    However,   I was thankful for something to change into.

 Other things I learned while staying in the hospital.....

Never send your 22 year old daughter to the store to buy unmentionables (underwear).   Even if you are specific about size, brand and cut.  She will bring you underwear that are big enough for two people to wear.   I told her they would work really well for me to parachute off  the hospital roof.  Does anyone has some suspenders I can borrow?

Never ask your farmer husband to bring you clothes and unmentionables.  Being he is a farmer not a fashion designer, you never know what he will bring for you.  He will bring them to you in a small cardboard box.  When you ask him why not a bag he will  say, " I don't know that is just what I found."

Farm girl dresses and aprons are not practical attire in the hospital.    Though I did not wear aprons  my husband did pack me farm girl dresses (not the best of them) so I wore them. My other children came to the hospital and visit and told me I looked poor.  I said, "well this is what I wear at home."  Their reply was, "Well you do not look poor at home."  (Good to know)

Never rely on you husband to bring you clean clothes everyday as things like chores are on his mind.   He may show up at the hospital empty handed and you will have to send to 22 year old daughter to the store for you once again.  And we all know how that will turn out.

Not shaving your legs in the winter might work well for living on the farm.  But when you are staying at the hospital it is important to have a razor.

The nicest thing about being in the hospital is room service and house keeping.   After several days in the hospital the worst thing is room service.

Nebraska town water is terrible.  It is nice to have Nebraska Prairie water brought to you so you can make a good cup of tea.

No matter what you do to you hair the night before to keep from looking ridiculous  in the morning when doctors  do their rounds, it will not work.  Every morning they will wake you  up and every morning you will look in the mirror and have to laugh at yourself.  Of course I never have this problem at home. 

I learned the nursing staff, doctors, and surgeons become part of your family after eight days in the hospital.  You are very thankful they do what they do and do it well.

It is nice to look back and be thankful to God that everything turned out well.   And thankful for being able to find humor in even the worst of times.


  1. Damn you! I just laughed so hard I nearly broke something!! I hope your little one is on the mend soon.


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