Cat and Bug

When a cat is not a cat and a bug is not a bug.

Here on the Nebraska Prairie things may not always be what they seem.

Let me introduce you to cat.  Cat came into our house in the fall and decided to take up residence.   I told my family if he was smart enough to come in before winter he deserved to stay in the house.  The kids even took to feeding him once a week.
Yes, you are right a spider, a cat faced spider in fact.   Hence the name cat!

Now for Bug.   Bug was born here on the farm about eight month ago,  he was born an only child.   Because he did not have any sibling to harass,  he decided to harass his human family.   Well he was always bugging us to play,  hence the name Bug.     
Meet Bug the cat!

As you see, looks can be deceiving here on the Nebraska Prairie.

Nebraska Prairie Girl


  1. And for some reason, I'm now looking at a map of the US, seeing if somewhere in the midwest there's a little bit reading "Here be dragons"!


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